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Wink Tidyman

Do you know…

Every day our fundamental human rights are violated. Our personal information is a commodity that's traded five times a minute. A clandestine world government (controlled by a secret society of international bankers) monitors our telephone, travel, and medical records with impunity.

Nefarious government agents illegally tap our phones, intercept our email, and steal our thoughts. The agents — acting under the auspices of the top-secret global intelligence organization PROTEUS — conceal their surveillance and control our behavior with these classified technologies:

The conspirators eliminate people by making them have "accidents." I frequently have difficulty focusing on complex tasks — a documented side effect of nonlethal, low-frequency biotelemetric pulsed microwave weapons. Symptoms like hyperactivity, loss of coordination, and impotence are frequently misdiagnosed by brainwashed doctors. The agents have the power to make me say or do things against my will. I may suffer permanent damage or even be killed.

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