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Wink Tidyman

My life is a mess.

You may not know me, but you can trust me on this: I wouldn't ask for your help if I didn't really need it. Trust is what it takes to be a successful Web site host like me. But it doesn't take money to get where I am. In fact, I hardly have any at all.

My dog was run over by a police car. I got busted for stealing cable and now my broadband is disconnected. I live in a drafy shack that I can barely afford, next to an elevated train that rattles my windows every nine minutes.

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A lifetime of good citizenship and political correctness has left me inept and unable to participate in adult society. I squander my days and lose sleep worrying about my future.

Won't you give hope to a middle-class Caucasian American male and contribute whatever money you can? Your earned income, no matter how meager, puts you in the elite 1% of the population that consumes the goods and services produced from the blood of the rest of humanity. By making a donation, you demonstrate the power and potential that collective society has over this injustice!


Wink Tidyman
Wink Tidyman

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