The greatest thing to exist ever. Interactive web art installation. Everything you know about building web pages is wrong. After years of seat-of-your-pants coding, there are finally standards for HTML, CSS and DHTML that the current crop of popular browsers actually support. Fashionably masculine. A thoughtful gift can prove your selflessness. Instantly know the correct answer. Known to have supernatural healing powers. How a web design looks is less important than how it works. Handsome and shiny. Precision made. Use in hundreds of activities. Styling is equal to a hundred dollar original. Carry one in your pocket to amaze friends. Standards simplify the lives of web designers who squander their development time tweaking code. Almost impossible to lose. Trust your visions to explain reality. It's amazing how much money it can bring you. The artwork on Bargain Clown Mart is reclaimed from Soviet science fiction movies, farmerís almanacs, out-of-print magazines, 8-bit videogames, the Johnson Smith catalog, obsolete textbooks, low-resolution video captures, and photography taken with homemade cameras. You've probably found yourself writing two or three versions of the same script to accommodate your supported browsers. May explain UFO's and psychic phenomena. Hundreds of thousands of fans are addicted to it. Take it to parties and use it as a moneymaking icebreaker. Avoids the guilt of living well. Really puts on a show! Amuses everybody. Uses technology developed by NASA. Temper power with sensitivity. Professional style. Trusted everywhere for its problem solving solutions. As companies pay more attention to how their web pages work rather than just how the look, we can finally give up the artifacts of first-generation web design - drop shadows, beveled buttons, painted-up pages powered by fat imagemaps - and design for the medium. Experience is no substitute for preparedness. Protects you from danger. Works everytime. Stops all problems and keeps them from coming back. 8-bit art, net art, web art, web installation, classic videogames, Javascript animation, randomly-generated web design. Bargain Clown Mart Studios, Pressboard Estates, Space City, USA. Works like a miracle. Emphasize speed, simplicity, functionality. Ready to operate. It's time for web designs to reflect the demands of today's web, and for designers to practice web design instead of graphic design. Wink Tidyman is the host. No effort required. Many practical uses. Micro-adjustable. Scientific design. Itís a local site if you live in San Francisco. Saves time, avoids errors. Similar to models used by professionals. Don't be embarrassed by mistakes. Convenient size. Newest advanced techniques. The bar was filled with moneybags. These seven guys started wailing on me but I picked up this huge barrel and smashed it down on most of them. The other guys freaked out and took off. I grabbed all of the money. Shiny finish gives it an expensive appearance. Guarding Dr. Zombieís hideout was a 12 foot tall robot I had never seen before. Web designers spend too much effort making their pages look pretty, while ignoring the performance, compatibility, usability, and accessibility requirements of a successful web design. Clearly a custom job, and it fought like no other robot Iíve battled before. Whoever programmed the thing was smart; most robots move and behave like people, but this one was completely unpredictable. Web design is a moving target. The farther you search for answers, the closer you are to home. Excellent for many novelty and scientific purposes. Relieves the painful, hidden fears that control you. Up-to-date edition. The web can't hide its text-centric origins. Learn to love ASCII. Overwhelms your enemies. Banishes misery. DTHML and Flash. Useful and revealing. Makes you look like an intellectual giant. 1 out of every 1000 clicks is a regular winner. What happened yesterday isn't nearly as important as what's happening right now. To advertisers, your attention is more valuable than your money. Top-notch performance. Mat Bergman is the developer. Content is crap. The myth of file size vs load time: The efficiency of a web page cannot be measured by its file size alone. Downloading is only one step when a browser requests a web page. The browser receives the HTML document, process the HTML to "draw" the web page, then requests additional embedded documents, like images, one at a time. Innovative features. A solid value. Slick and sturdily built. The quality of front-end code significantly impacts the load time of a web page. A well-coded page that's 100k will load faster than a poorly-coded page that's 50k. Fully loaded. Feature-rich. Premium features. You no longer have to worry. Offers superior performance. Produces great-looking results. Sports an attractive interface. Resist the distraction of competition. Bandwidth must be used effectively. Bandwidth is checked by latency. A high-speed connection can still bog down if the browser sends too many requests to the server. Rockets to the top in nearly all categories. Easy to use. Takes care of all your needs. Packed with great features. Be a star and impress everyone you know. Find out who you really are. Special emphasis on how you can achieve personal mastery fast. Stand out in a crowd. Make friends fast. Do better in school, business, love. Never confuse success with popularity. Looks real. Can increase your intelligence. Be the envy of your friends. Enjoy the security and prestige of a good income. 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